PPA cover 

Research shows speaking a second language can improve children’s overall school performance and problem-solving skills, positively affect their performance on tests, and increase their awareness of the vocabulary and structure of their first language. 

To help you organise your PPA time, we offer hands-on, playful and educational French PPA cover from  Reception class up to Year 6.

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All our lessons are planned inline with national curriculum guidelines  and to ensure that children get the best experience from learning French, we always include hands on and playful activities such as : cooking, role playing, tasting, gardening, making arts and craft and much much more ...all en français...

By the end of reception year: children have learnt basic vocabulary and basic greetings

By the end of KS1: children have learnt yet more vocabulary and are able to hold a basic conversation in French.

By the end of KS2: children speak in sentences with appropriate pronunciation, express simple ideas, write phrases and short sentences from memory, develop an understanding of basic grammar.

Here is our colour song (with a perfect French pronunciation!!):

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