Mini French Foodies (4 to 7)

    When Learning a language becomes as easy as child’s play. 

The early learning of a foreign language can significantly improve many aspects of your child’s development. Therefore, Little French House has developed an innovative and hands-on methodology for your little ones to learn French. 

      When Children are having fun, they learn without even realising. 

Mini French Foodies is a frenchtastic mix of the Kiddies workshop and French Foodies. 

The workshop starts with a role play or a game related to the recipe of the day. It could be matching the labels to the right ingredients, going to the market and so on …

Then we will practice the vocabulary learnt whilst making a delicious recipe.

At the end to the session, we play more games to re-inforce the learning. 

Cooking often involves repetitive actions and use of specific words or phrases which children pick up on - easily accepting and using their new vocabulary.

They learn to follow instructions by spotting & listening for relevant  actions. 

They learn the French numbers through weighing, measuring and adding. 

There are plenty of other benefits for children: 

- Mathematical skills (adding, weighing, measuring…)

- Hands on / practical skills ( slicing, mixing…)

- Literacy: reading, comprehension

All these skills are link to the national curriculum

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